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Go VIIMMÁT šattai mu vuorru, mon savkalin hui jaskadit “Lean lássen ńćoavdaga skáhpii sisa, sáhtašeiddet go mu veahkehit?” In háliidan ahte juohkehaš galggai diehtit guy jalla mon ledjen.

tetep percaya bahwa mungkin akal gue lah yang belom sampai memaknai semua jalan yang Dia kasih sekarang. dengan begitu, mungkin selama ini ternyata gue belajar sabar, dan ikhlas. seperti yang selalu pengen gue pelajari sejak 2011 dulu; sabar, dan ikhlas. Dia sebaik-baik penolong.

Gasoline tanker explosion kills over 230 in ... Here's developments while in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: ...assignments stemming within the Gulf of Mexico effectively rupture could Lower planet oil ....

Oppose: Whatever you're suggesting is usually that we not only fulfill the technical restrictions of Wikipedia by disambiguating topics that may in any other case contain the very same title, but in addition go ahead and qualify unambiguous titles When they are ambiguous in spoken English. This consists of the insignificant discrepancies in Beef and beef together with homophones like birth and berth.

The difficulty for me is this... with present day Computer system technological know-how and publishing, English language resources are increasingly able to employing diacritics to existing a non-western identify. As this functionality grows, A growing number of English language sources truly do use diacritics. In truth we are swiftly getting to the point wherever this is the norm. HOWEVER... There exists a flip aspect to that.

Lav aj gullam oarjjelsáme, nuorttasáme ja guojnagiella sálmajt. Dánna gávna divna sáme ja guojnagiela sáddagijt. Lågå NRK ja sálmmalávlloma birra dánna.

23 February at 21:42 […] posing some awkward concerns with the BCA. The main news article with the Listening to is for the Index on Censorship and Jack of Kent is due to blog site about nowadays’s hearing any minute, so I'll depart it to All those […]

This is able to be a major alter influencing dozens of content articles and should possibly be subject matter to a check here formal and extensively-advertised proposal.

Kemudian dikasih inget bersyukur; masih bisa bayar notaris, masih bisa beli properti tanpa riba, masih bisa hahahehe sama mamabapak, masih bisa nobar bareng kakak adek, masih bisa tau aktivitas pacar, masih dikasih kesehatan.

Though "myth" could possibly be the right technological time period for such tales, it is usually taken in English to signify "a conventional Tale that's not correct" or "a extensively held but Wrong belief".[5] Obviously This is exactly why "myth" isn't utilized for the Genesis Edition - numerous readers of the encyclopedia subscribe to that version into a better or lesser diploma - but that is cultural bias.

New disclosures expose a cascade of kit failures and procedural troubles while in the oil rigexplosion and spill nevertheless fouling the Gulf of Mexico.

My see is the fact that we're trying to find out the title most buyers would hope for use to check with The subject at situation. So in that context I do not see why some dependable resources should be weighted in excess of others... I necessarily mean, given that it is a trusted resource, it need to depend the identical. No?

disini adalah salah satu tempat dan cara kalian mengenal aku.. hehee. karena salah satu cara mengenal seseorang adalah dengan membaca tulisannya..

Aku engga tau, kalau berada diposisinya, apakah akan memilih hal yang sama; tinggal disana dan mungkin jauh lebih tenang. Paling banter cuma berisik suara daun-daun jati yang saling bersentuhan kena angin. Selebihnya? Suara ramah orang yang lewat sambil bawa rumput hasil ngarit buat makan sapinya.

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